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florian deutsch



My passion for sound began in my childhood. My father, a conductor and later on art director and assistant director of the Vienna State Opera, offered me to visit the Opera several times a week. I was excited about the orchestra and the acoustic, the entire sound of the performance in the auditorium. I watched the musicians, ignored the singing and acting of the singers and so got my first ear training by listening to the instruments. I’ve got piano lessons and learned to play the violin but quit the latter after one year.
At the age of 12 I began to collect vinyls and bought them with my pocket money. Raised with classical music by my father I now became a huge fan of pop music. On my countless strolls through the vinyl stores I discovered new genres and found the style and genre I loved and still love the most: Rock Music. I was fascinated by productions with different acoustic spaces and so I collected vinyls from music producers who’s emphasis was on the variety of acoustic spaces.
At the age of 16 I’ve got the possibility to play drums at the boarding school. I practised every day instead of learning for school. I covered songs, learned how to read music for drums and wrote down my own songs. I discerned every single instrument and began to relate them to different frequency ranges. I tuned up my drums referring to tone pitches. I found out that acoustic was important for fine tuning and so came back to acoustic spaces and the inherent sound of rooms. My interests in room acoustics and audio engineering was ignited. I wanted my drums sound the same as the productions of my vinyls.
I needed the right devices for recording my drums and so I borrowed a 4-track recorder, 3 microphones plus cables and started my career as audio engineer.
In the following years I bought many more devices and became familiar with recording, engineering and sound mixing. In 1995 I built my own sound studio, created demo reels for music bands and founded the independent label and music publisher FLOTAINMENT.
At the same time I worked as live-mixer. I started with small events and local bands but then later on I had the chance to be part of international acts going on for many years.
I was lecturer for audio engineering and live-mixing at the Deutsche Pop in Cologne and in Vienna.
In 2011 I opened up my own sound and postproduction studio in Vienna and work for Film- and TV productions, in cooperation with Andy Baum. My work includes sound recording, sound mixing and composing. Since 2015 I´m responsible for the sound department at the film production  NAP | FILMWORX.